Kamrup kamakhya mela – the festival of menstruating goddess

India is a land of mysterious religious places with uncountable temples rich in amazing architectural beauty. In Guwahati, Assam, kamakhya mela is known as one of the biggest religious festivals where pilgrims visit from every corner of our country India whereas some of them come across the world too. Thousands of devotees and Sadhu-sanyasis gather in the temple premises and its surrounding areas of river Brahmaputra to become a witness of the bleeding goddess of kamrup kamakhya mandir. The goddess here is a form of shakti – one of the most important sati pithas of the total 51.

The history of Sati pithas:

The original kamrup kamakhya history is really interesting. According to the Hindu mythology, once Daksha – father of Sati (Goddess Shakti) organized a grand yagna and invited her daughter but didn’t call upon her husband – Lord Shiva. When Sati wished to attend the yagna, Shiva refused but Sati insisted and both of them came over to attend the yagna.

Daksha insulted Shiva which made sati extremely angry and she jumped into the holy fire of the grand yagna and killed herself.

Shiva became insane with rage. He carried the dead body on his shoulder and did tandava nritya – the dance of destruction. Lord Vishnu tried to stop the destruction and he cut the body of sati into 108 parts with his “sudarshan chakra”. These 108 body parts got scattered in different areas on Earth.

Guwahati kamakhya mandir is believed as the place where sati’s vagina and womb fell down. So, this temple set up at the place and is considered as the symbol of women strength and fertility.

This is why devotees celebrate the menstruation cycle of kamrup kamakhya devi.

The Mystery of bleeding kamakhaya devi:

As we have said, kamrup kamakhya temple is known as the sign of women’s natural strength, celebrating menstruation cycle of Goddess becomes the most famous festival in Assam. In the middle of June, according to the Assamese month Ahaar, kamakhaya devi gets her annual menstrual cycle automatically.

The underground spring water below the yoni-shaped stone in the garbhagriha turns red automatically. Red water comes out from the garbhagriha through a slim path. This process ends after three days and the period is called “Ambubachi”. The temple door is closed for three days. Priests don’t allow anyone to worship kamrup kamakhya devi because devi remains unclean.

Pieces of blood-stained clothes are then distributed among the devotees. The devotees are only allowed to collect these cloths or they can dip their own in the “blood-red” spring water. Pilgrimages keep these “blood-red” holy pieces of clothes with them as these are believed to the offerings of good luck.

Ambubachi Mela:

On this mysterious bleeding occasion, a grand mela is held in the kamuk kamakhya mandir known as kamakhya mela. On the fourth day at the ending occasion of devi’s menstruation, the door opens for the devotees and the festival gets started.

This is indeed a grand religious festival. You will get to see lakhs of sadhus and tantriks and their mysterious behaviors who come across the country. Some of them travel barefooted for miles to attend this holy festival. 

Sakti is the major idol of tantriks which means tantriks travel here for miles to achieve kamrup kamakhya devi’s blessings. Some of the sadhus gather here to showcase their mysterious holy power. Lots of common people also join the festival to get devi’s blessings and to witness these mysterious sanyasis’ powers too.

Is there any scientific significance of Devi’s menstruation?

Well, no scientific proof is there regarding the red water of the main mandir’s underground spring whether it is blood or not. Many scientists believe that the red water is due to the vermillion or iron oxide mixed in the spring water. Sometimes, it is believed that the priests in the temple mix vermillion in the water.

Whether it is actually blood or not, people believe it as the holy power of kamakhya devi and that pushes every scientific proof aside. The only holy power of “Shakti” remains constant here. 



The ultimate travel guide to visit Turkey

Planning your next holiday trip to Turkey? Here we’ve got the ultimate travel guide to its cultural sites, beautiful beaches, cruise destinations, eating outs and shopping paradises – precisely all the top places that you must visit in Turkey. When you want to spend some quality time in complete solitude – away from the shore of the city, the continuously buzzing social media and traffic – Turkey is the best place for a family vacation. Sometimes we can’t decide on a perfect holiday destination. When we plan for a perfect beach holiday, our heart craves an adventurous hike. Turkey is a rare gem where you will get almost everything.

Patara: A perfect beach destination: A must visited places in Turkey – this longest beach in Turkey will make you amazed by its picturesque landscapes. Hire a comfortable sunbed and lie down throughout the day and feel the tranquility in your mind. Spending some quality time with your family in the cozy beach cafes to treat your tongue with the native cuisine. For the nature lovers, Patara is also a perfect destination. As a lucky tourist, you can experience the enchanting sunset and moonrise from the top of a ridge at the same time.

Mardin: The capital of Mardin province, this oldest settlement of the place is perching on a ridge of a hill and is looking at the Mesopotamian plains. If you want to experience the cultural diversity of the old city with its beautiful cascading down sandstone buildings – Mardin will fulfill your dream perfectly. You can easily take a tour of this old city by walking. Don’t miss “Deyru’z-Zafaran Monastery – one of the oldest monasteries of our planet. If you love history, this “Sultan Isa Medresesi” must be included to your itineraries.  This monument was once served as an astronomical observatory during the medieval times.

Konya: Konya is one of the oldest cities in our world and the city is most popular for the amazing Whirling Dervishes and Seljuk architecture. This large city is located in the Central Anatolia Region of Turkey. During the 12-13th centuries, Konya was the capital city of the Seljuk Dynasty. Architectures from that era will make you spellbound. The ruins of the Seljuk palace, the Alaeddin Mosque – are two best-known places among the tourists. Konya is also the home for Sufi Mystic, Rumi. His mausoleum is one of the must-see places in Konya. Whirling Dervishes or Mevlevi Order was founded by the followers of Rumi to celebrate their religious ceremony when they used to spin around on their left foot in full white, billowing gowns.

Antalya: Want to experience the amazing Turkish Riviera along the Mediterranean coastline? Antalya – a vibrant city, full of beautiful hotels, resorts, restaurants and bars – is the perfect holiday destination to spend some time on the seashore. Spectacular beaches, gorgeous sceneries and lush green mountains with ancient ruins are here to fulfill your travel thirst. Do anything you want. It can be swimming, sailing, climbing mountains, family fun activities and sightseeing etc. Take a tour around Kaleici to experience the ancient times of the city. All the Roman gates, old city walls, historic architectures, the maze-like streets and the clock tower will simply leave you spellbound.

Princes’ Island: Want to spend some days in complete solitude? This is the perfect destination. It is considered among the must-see tourist attractions in Istanbul, Turkey. Bicycles and horse-drawn carriages are the vehicle options instead of motorized ones.

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Travel guide to visit in India

There are hundreds of choices of travel destinations in India. From Kashmir to Kanyakumarika – you will get snow peaks, green valleys, beautiful “Thar” desert of Rajasthan, dense forests with diverse wildlife and various types of birds, wonderful historical monuments, beautiful beaches, amazing archipelagoes and lot more exciting places. 

Every place is different from each other and worth to be visited again and again. Among the long list of travel destinations, there exists always a dilemma to select a perfect travel destination to cherish your holidays the best.

Kashmir: a fascinating of natural beauty

Kashmir – the heaven of Earth is known for its captivating natural beauty. The picturesque landscapes, amazing lakes, wonderful fruit orchards, green meadows enclosed with dense woods of deodars and pines, verdant gardens full of bright colorful flowers and green valleys surrounded by Himalayan snow peaks – Kashmir is all about breathtaking nature no less than a picture postcard. Here you can enjoy the “Shikara boat ride” on Dal Lake and stay on the houseboats there. Don’t forget to visit the beautiful “Mughal Gardens”. Visiting through the apple gardens and walnut orchards and plucking the fresh walnuts and apples will make you feel refreshed amidst nature. If you are an adventure junkie, river rafting in the strong current of Sind River in “Sonmarg” is simply awesome. Also, you can experience the highest “Goldola ride” of the world at Gulmarg.
Don’t forget to buy the local traditional handcrafted items before leaving from Kashmir and make your holiday more memorable.

Leh - Ladakh: the ultimate trekking destination

People who love serenity and peace miles away from the madding city crowd – Ladakh is simply the best holiday destination. You will get the chance to visit numerous glacial lakes and a few worlds’ most beautiful and highest mountain passes. Do you love to trek? Then this is the perfect place for you. The high-altitude trekking trails will definitely make you cherish the experience for your lifetime. Don’t forget to visit the “Hemis Monastery” to feel the tranquility and spirituality and listen to the divine chants of the lamas there. Who can forget the amazing Pangong Lake – the perfect place to feel the extreme solitude? The frozen Zanskar River offers the adventurous experience of snow trekking whereas the Nubra Valley safari offers the chances to discover the rugged landscape sitting back on the Bactrian camel. What about spotting out a snow leopard in the “Hemis National park”? So, Ladakh has stored something exclusively for every tourist here.

Agra: for the wonderful Taj Mahal

Agra is mostly known for its magnificent Mughal creation – Taj Mahal – one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The best way to visit here is via Delhi. Delhi offers lots of Indian historical Mughal architectures that worth exploring. Agra is the extension of Delhi. The city definitely needs no introduction. Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri – are the three most popular sites that every tourist should visit once. Thousands of tourists across the world visit here to explore these three wonderful creations of the Mughals. Shopping of the local marble handicrafts and leather items can be a good experience for the tourists here.

Jaisalmer: explore the magnificent Rajputana

Explore the amazing grandeur of Rajasthan by visiting Jaisalmer. Here you will get the chances to explore the “Thar Desert” sitting back on the camels. Ride through the rugged desert to observe the beautiful sunset. Definitely, you are going to cherish the memory afterward.

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