Benefits of staying at Bundanoon lodge!

Bundanoon lodge is one of the most luxuries accommodations in Bowral. Known for a number of facilities, the lodge guarantees its customers with a never before experienced service. Moreover if you are not an expert in holiday planning, you can even contact the lodge staff to arrange a great holiday for you. All you need to do is specify your requirements and the lodge staff will ensure that you get all the fun in your trip. Set up in the suburbs of Sydney, the lodge guarantees luxuries that one can only think off!

Benefits of Bundanoon lodge:
  • The perfect golf holiday: Along with some of the most sought out holiday packages, the golf holiday packages are the ones that people die for. Golf holidays Bowral is one of the perfect packages that are ideal for golf lovers from all over the world. The package involves staying at one of the golf apartments which is luxurious in all the senses. These apartments are surrounded by golf fields on all the sides which make it feasible for the game lovers to enjoy it at any time.

  • Pet friendly accommodation Southern highlands: Bundanoon lodge offers pet friendly accommodation in the suburbs of Sydney. Most of the people are worried about their pet when they go on vacations. However the lodge provides you the facility of not to do so by providing a separate accommodation for pets. This luxury luxury takes care of all the amenities of your pet and make sure that they are fed properly according to your demands. You can be with your pet all the time only taking them inside the residences in yet not allowed.

  • Hotel accommodation: Along with the packages and other facilities, the lodge also provides its customers with the facility of residing in hotel Bundanoon rather than booking for an apartment.


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