Now you can take you pets on vacation too

This might be the most exciting news for a number of people who are worried about their pets all the time when they are on vacation. Pets become an integral part of the family and when it comes to parting away from it, it becomes the most painful moment for many. In some of the cases, people even hesitate in planning out vacation because they are worried about their pets. But how about you can take your pets with you? I know this might be the happiest news for many people and most of them will even be surprised. But you heard it right! Bundanoon lodge is now offering the facility of pet friendly accommodationin the Southern Highlands.

Services offered in pet friendly accommodation!

Bundanoon lodge has offered its latest services of pet friendly accommodation which implies that now your pets can even stay with you! However there is a separate section for pet accommodation which might be at certain distance from your room. The lodge owners make it a point to ensure that your pets are treated well and they too get the luxurious services that you are paying for!

These pet accommodations are available only with the accommodation Bowral and not with the motel Bowral services. When booking the lodge for the first time, you can inform the owners about your requirement and a separate room for you as well as the various requirements for the pet will be arranged immediately. So now while traveling you don’t have to worry about your pet. AT the lodge, you can pay him visits, take him to walks and spend as much time as you want. The only restriction is that you cannot take your pet to your room or in the common corridor.


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