Get high luxury and comfort with Bundanoon lodge

Bundanoon LodgeWant to get comfortable in the southern highlands? Well if so, Bundanoon lodge is the perfect destination for you! Equipped with all the modern amenities, the lodge makes sure that you will get only the best services in it. Initially started off as a simple lodge, the owners have tried to expand it because of the huge positive response that it has been getting in the recent times. People love each and every service by the lodge and some of them even mentioned their will to get married in the beautiful natural environment here. This gave the owners a new idea which involved wedding accommodation Southern highlands.

luxury accommodationThe southern highlands are already very famous for a number of outdoor activities including bike rides southern highlands. This was the major reason why luxury accommodation Bowral was set up to enable these bikers stay luxuriously after their hectic bike drive. However soon the area became a major hub for other people too who enjoyed outdoor activities like camping and enjoying natural beauty. In such a scenario, Bundanoon lodge came up as the premier place to enjoy accommodation luxuriously.

Some of the other benefits of staying at the lodge include
  • High security: While staying at the lodge, you are given high security at all times. There is a 24 hour security system which ensures the safety of its customers.

  • Pet friendly accommodation: It is the first times that can luxury accommodation is providing such a facility. Normally when you go out to enjoy a trip, you have to leave behind your pet at home. This causes a lot of problem. Keeping this in mind, Bundanoon lodge have come up with a pet friendly accommodation that is suitable for the guests. A separate accommodation is prepared for the pets.


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