Found Our Love in Laos- The Magical Destination

“That honeymoon phase is so much fun in real life, when you meet and discover somebody new and fall in love and chase them. The pursuit. And that climactic final moment of ultimate togetherness.”

- Lucas Neff

When we were planning our honeymoon destination, we came to know about the attractive destinations of Laos. Then we decided to start our journey of love to this destination. We opted for this country out of the fact that the country is a secluded and peaceful place for traveling. And obviously this country has some instances of sheer natural bounty.

Laos- Strengthening the Bond of Our Love

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Being an isolated country without a sea beach, the country has no trace of deficiency in natural beauty. It was an unbelievable experience for both of us. Laos has done magic in our love life. Though we opted for customized tour, we have got much privacy to enjoy with ourselves. The country is like a honeymoon heaven with stunningly pleasurable destinations.

Warm Welcome of Luang Prabang

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If beaches are not the prime priority as a honeymoon destination, then Laos is a stunning honeymoon contender. It offers one of its kind experience to the love birds. We landed on Luang Prabang first, and it was an awesome welcome destination for us. We became close in enjoying this place’s attractive activities. The widest smiles of Lao people made us happier than ever. We spent some unforgettable time in exotic boutique style lodges here. For us, Luang Prabang is the ideal place to unwind after wedding. We have shared some magical moments of our life in Kayaking to Vang Vieng.

The Serenity of Vang Vieng

Image by zigang liu from Pixabay

This place is like a rural panorama from an Oriental Silk Painting. It was a true place for us to get closer. It made us crave for more. The experience of vivid, lush greenery to the adventurous cliffs was awesome. We enjoyed trekking together in this destination. Here we have enjoyed shopping in the rural market places. It was a place of ‘bargain, bargain and bargain’. We also enjoyed the drive in a rented scooter in the streets of Laos. We have gone crazy for tubing in the Mekong River. The jaw-dropping picturesque beauty of Nam Khan will make you go crave for more thrills.

Image by kolibri5 from Pixabay
The stunningly picturesque spots have made our entire honeymoon worthwhile. The charismatic accommodations have made our trip a special one of our life. We have enjoyed a slow and relaxed pace of life through residing in these fantastic destinations of Laos. Laos Holiday had helped us to find our true love and made the bond of love stronger.


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