My Stint with Laos: The Land of Enchantment

 Finally managed to visit Laos! The first day of my ten long day stay in Laos, I woke up in the capital city of Laos. Backpacking through Southeast Asia, I had plans to enjoy the stunning waterfalls, healthy cuisines, smiling locals and Buddhist temples undiscovered by ordinary traveler in Laos. Most visitors spend one or two days in the capital city before heading back to Bangkok. But my visit to this land of delight helped me find the real gems of Southeast Asia.


Image by Somsanith Chanthaseng from Pixabay

I planned to go easy on the first day at Vientiane. The city of Moon, I spent my day enjoying a leisurely walk on the streets to take in the feel of being in a relaxed and comfortable locale completely different from the crowded and noisy destinations. In the following days of my stay, I found this to be the friendliest place in Laos. A visit to the Golden Stupa, the biggest as well as the most magnificent stupas, I found it to be different from the temples and stupas in Thailand.

Vang Vieng

Image by kolibri5 from Pixabay

Infamous for crazy parties, you need not be scared off. Though I was discouraged to visit this place, I found this destination has several other attractions apart from the insane parties. With beautiful scenic beauty, this place is perfect for travelers with an adventurous disposition. I recommend everyone to visit this destination if you are eager to get a taste of adventure tour in Laos. I had a great time climbing the cliffs, taking rides on tubes and boats and visiting the unexplored locales.

Luang Prabang

Image by Sharon Ang from Pixabay
The former capital, it is hard to miss the UNESCO World Heritage city. I loved exploring the stunning waterfalls and the caves here. The former royal palace, Haw Kham was worth a visit. The Golden Palace houses a sacred Buddha image kept in richly ornamented shrine. I also loved visiting Vat Xieng Toung, the oldest and one of the most extraordinary monasteries encountered by me.

Lao Cuisine

Image by Olga Ozik from Pixabay

The best part of my visit to Laos was tasting the delicious food. The food here is not just delicious but clean too. I loved the specialty cakes sold here. Enjoyed Lao coffee thoroughly, known as a high-grade beverage throughout the world and had a great time savoring the delicacies in restaurants along Mekong River!

I never felt I was visiting a foreign country throughout the trip. In love with the small roads, green row of trees, ancient temples and warm smile of Lao people, I plan to visit Laos again soon. 


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