Surrealism Draws Me Back To The Land Of Blue Dragons

 “We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.” -T. S. Eliot

If someone asks me to travel again and again to any of my previously traveled destinations, the one and only place will be Vietnam, the Land of Blue Dragons. I have visited this country few years back with my family and that experience managed to give me a hangover so strong that I decided to pack my bags and head for Vietnam once again. And this time with the group of my travel freak friends, I have traveled this country for a second time, and it was a jaw-dropping experience for me.

Image by Quang Nguyen vinh from Pixabay
The entire scenario of that interesting country got changed with the development of its tourism sectors. The grandeur of this country was not unknown to me, but this time it reached the utmost level of ecstasy. We thought about choosing Vietnam travel packages, but later we decided to go by ourselves without following any guidebook.

 Perfect Thrill Seekers Destination!

Image by Sue Todd from Pixabay

I have always been interested about this country since I have read about the Vietnam Wars. I was always curious about the underground Cu Chi Tunnels, where Vietnam armies used to hide during the war. It was our first destination after we reached that country. Descending the steep, narrow path, I crawled through the tunnels with my friends. This moment was great; I had goose bumps during this crawling session. The tunnels have mesmerized me with the sculpted art on the walls. Visiting the Cu Chi tunnel was like a start with a bang to my journey!

Surreal and Serene Ha Long Bay

Image by Oldjap from Pixabay
In the year 1992, movie “Indochine” depicted this place and popularized it to the outer world. Catherine Deneuve described this place "the most remote outpost of Indochina." And till now, it is regarded as "Lord-of-the-Rings" for its exotic water quality. We have traveled long and cherished each step in this amazingly versatile country. I cannot shed off the hangover of relaxing on the junk boat in the Ha Long Bay. I have floated amid the towering limestone cliffs even as dining on appetizing Vietnamese cuisine, together with fresh seafood.

Can’t forget Nha Trang - cocktails at the beach club

Image by Pham Hieu from Pixabay
Everyday was thrilling and exciting in that country, and the last party was at the beaches of Nha Trang. We are all travelers in that place, and we have gained the best possible happiness from that party. It was an unforgettable party. People here, are always in a mood of partying hard. I have enjoyed that part as it makes me forget about all my worries of my daily life. It was a perfectly rejuvenating part of my entire journey and deserves the proverb “All’s well that ends well”. We danced all night round and relished the exotic cocktails of the beach clubs.

The very next day was the day of our returning, but the entire trip had made me laid back to that tranquil ambiance of Vietnam. I can’t resist myself from seeing the sunset on the sea in a true Mediterranean climate. And yet again, I hope to revisit Vietnam with an aspiration to taste the old rum in a new bottle.


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