Holiday in Laos-An Essence That Lasts Really Long

Exploring a new country, having fun, enjoying the nightlife and discovering the delicious food is the definition of traveling for most people. But for me, traveling is like meditation. I travel not to enjoy with family and friends, but to spend some time solitary in the breast of nature.

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

I travel only to those places that can bring me close to the nature, and this is the only reason Laos attracted me so much. I had heard a lot about Laos and its stunning natural beauty and finally last month I decided to make my next trip here in the “land of million elephants”.

Neither did I do any research about the country nor did I carry a map along with me. Hence, it was the local people on whom I had to depend on. After my arrival to this land, I first took out my language translator and started communicating with the local people who would help me know the place better.

The Mekong River:

Image by Olivier Polome-Pengthong from Pixabay
Mekong River was the first name that I first came across after landing on this county. The owner of a tea stall near the airport region told me about this river when I asked him about some of the worth visiting destinations of the country. Along with the owner, his son was also working in the tea stall, and I found him quite interested to tell me about the country. Thus, I decided to take him along with me as a guide for my holiday in Laos. 

The river was huge, and he told me that it was the greatest river of Southeast Asia. This river has passed many neighboring countries like Vietnam, Cambodia, and Thailand, but the major part of it lies in Laos. Since the land has very few mountain terrain and well-maintained roads, most people of this land use the river as their primary medium of transportation. I took a small boat ride on this river for exploring all the nearby places and you won’t believe that the beauty made me spellbound.

Si Phan Don:

Image by Basile Morin from Pixabay

After exploring the adventurous boat ride on the Mekong River, I headed towards a lovely set of islands that was also close to this river. Here the river becomes a little harsh because of the Khone falls, which is a chain of rapids that expanses up to 9.7 kilometers. The best part of this place to me was the dolphins that I found just below the fall. Although, the population of them was little less but was successful to make me excited.

Other attraction of this place was Don Det, Don Khon, and Done Kong, this are the three principal islands that I visited in this place.

The Plain Of Jars:

Image by einszweifrei from Pixabay

The name itself excited me a lot; I became very curious to know as to why the place named so unique and thus, I decided to pay a visit in this land. The land looked more like a dry grassland with plenty of huge jar-shaped stone. The first glance of this place gave me the answer of my curiosity. The land was filled with these huge jars, and there are hundreds of them. People would not see these with their own eyes wouldn’t realize how beautiful and huge they look. The largest jar has a diameter of about one to three meter. Local people of the place told me that these jars are associated with the “prehistoric burial practice”.

With this, I came at the end of my trip in the southern part of Laos. Though, the country is not so big, but it has lots and lots to discover. My holiday in Laos ends here, but will surely return to this country again and this time to the northern part. 


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