A Journey to the Exquisite Halong Bay Revived the Spirit

When the spree of young age madness started haunting my nerves, I started alone a journey to feel the real thrill of life by getting a luxury tour to Halong bay. Though my main concern of traveling alone was to subdue the lust for traveling around the world but when I reached the land of descending dragon, I realized that life has a greater meaning than just to breathe. The emerald water of this place has helped me understand a better meaning of living.

Image by Đoàn Tiến from Pixabay

The vision of breathtaking beauty of the islands of Halong Bay draws thousands of travelers every year. The meaning of the term Halong is ‘where the dragon descends into the sea’. I had a few research done on this cruise trip and contacted with an expert operator to have a Halong bay luxury cruise. My trip lasted only a two days. I was highly excited about this trip and carried my travel apparatus which are my camera, tab, and diary.

Image by cat7397 from Pixabay

Day 1:

When the cruise finally plunged into the sea that time was early in the morning. It was an alluring scene from the cruise. Only the peaks of islands visible. It was a pleasurable start for my voyage. It was a perfect day full of innumerable landscape views. The mystical landscapes of limestone islets were like a view of heavenly beauty. The sunset scene from cruise was the most eye soothing panoramic view to me. Finally, a sleep at night within the mildly swaying yacht reminded me of my childhood days where I spent numerous such nights swinging in my mother’s lap.

Day 2:

It was a day to cherish the real world in a cruise with full of entertainment and exotic cuisine of Vietnam. As I have chosen the luxury tour, it was rightly as grand as a perfect luxury tour should be. Several kinds of folk dance and orchestra party were organized by the tour operating agency for us. We had enjoyed our fullest. Vietnam cuisines are a mixture of entire Indochina delicacy. So the entire itinerary was full with delicious cuisines. I have made immense connection with my co-tourists and tried to know much about this place.

Image by Todd Kay from Pixabay

In a nutshell, it was a jaw-dropping experience for me. From adventure to relaxation, I have enjoyed all on this trip. This trip has made me crave for having a grand trip to entire Vietnam. All the Halong bay cruises are crafted with all the unforgettable experiences. All I can say is this old or young, a cruise trip can make you feel the real meaning of life.


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