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An Enthralling Bike Ride

“We will have to take the bikes on our shoulders, and cross the stream”-announced one of our biking-tour coordinators, as we reached a shallow river canal which is actually a branch of the mighty Mekong River. We had only scraps of perceptions about how our biking trip in Vietnam was going to be, however, nowhere in our wildest of dreams did we ever imagine that after crossing the canal, we had to ride for almost 7 to 8 Kilometres being half drenched almost up to our waists. This might seem to be quite challenging for the ones who seek luxury, but, several instances like these, work as catalysts that spice up a biking trip and make it enthralling in a true sense.
As a true adventure lover, I have always considered biking as a major reason of my happiness. For me, nothing can be comparable with the joy of seeing the world from the saddle because it not only gives me an opportunity to perceive the nature from a different viewpoint, but it also makes me feel energized and liberated. This…