An Enthralling Bike Ride to The Land of Blue Dragons

“We will have to take the bikes on our shoulders, and cross the stream”-

announced one of our biking-tour coordinators, as we reached a shallow river canal which is actually a branch of the mighty Mekong River. We had only scraps of perceptions about how our biking trip in Vietnam was going to be, however, nowhere in our wildest of dreams did we ever imagine that after crossing the canal, we had to ride for almost 7 to 8 Kilometres being half drenched almost up to our waists. This might seem to be quite challenging for the ones who seek luxury, but, several instances like these, work as catalysts that spice up a biking trip and make it enthralling in a true sense.

As a true adventure lover, I have always considered biking as a major reason of my happiness. For me, nothing can be comparable with the joy of seeing the world from the saddle because it not only gives me an opportunity to perceive the nature from a different viewpoint, but it also makes me feel energized and liberated. This is what has persuaded me to go on cycling expeditions around several popular biking trails of the world.

 With serene countryside and spectacular riverside landscapes, Vietnam has always worked as an ideal destination for bikers. Thus, when one of my friends came up with a suggestion to head off to Vietnam, I did not think twice and started packing for the trip which later turned out to be a valuable chapter in my bicycle diary.

Owing to the language barriers, we decided to opt for Vietnam Bike Tours offered by a renowned tour operator of the country. Our journey was about to start from Hanoi and nothing could have been better than pedalling through the busy streets of the Capital city.


Image by Leon_Ting from Pixabay

We wanted to travel as much as we could on the first day and this is why we started off early. As we went past the busy streets of the city, we came across several three wheel cabs which are popularly known as “cyclos”. The streets were full of French mansions and restaurants where people were busy cooking in their courtyards. The hustle of the streets was one of a kind and the best thing about Hanoi was that it never wanted to take rest.


Image by ThanhNamNguyen from Pixabay

Unlike Hanoi, Hue is comparatively quite and it provides the bikers entire scope to free their arms and enjoy the breeze. As we rode past the countryside, we took a stop near a school where all the kids were dancing to some popular native tune. Later, we came to know that it was a part of the local festival and the thing that caught our attention at the first go was the smiling faces of the small kids. Travelling along the serene rice fields of the region was a jaw dropping experience for all of us.

Saigon and Can Tho

Image by Haynie C. from Pixabay

The best part of the entire trip was the time that we spent while biking from Saigon to Can Tho. Along the way, we came across picturesque landscapes which were worth witnessing. And as far as Can Tho is concerned, it is undoubtedly one of the best locations where a bikers dream is sure to come true. Amazing riverside lifestyle, beautiful floating markets on the Mekong River and diverse cultures are few things that make Can Tho, a biker’s paradise.

My entire biking experience of Vietnam was largely different from the ones I gained in other parts of the world. With unmatched simplicity and colourful customs, it managed to portray the true Asian charm in front of eyes. I hope to return to this nation again someday, with a desire to fulfil my lust for adventure, yet again. 


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