Norway: your ultimate summer destination

The domicile of the Vikings, Norway is a beautiful Scandinavian country encompassing trendy cities, frozen tundra and an exotic coastline. From its amazing islands to the magnificent mountains, Norway simply is one of the most amazing countries in the world. Although Norway offers amazing adventures in every season, summertime is the best when the country receives a massive crowd across the world. So, you may ask if it is really worth traveling Norway during the high summer season. Of course, you can make your plans for the summer. Travel around the best skiing destination, spot those cute polar bears or even you may try out the hiking spots here. The country remains magical always.


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Being the second largest city in Norway, Bargen is known as the most important western port of this country and that too continuing from the Middle Ages. It is really an awesome city to explore which is steeped in history too. Take a stroll through the traditional wooden buildings in Bryggen. This place is a World Heritage Site announced by UNESCO.  So, you must keep Bargen on the top of your travel itinerary. Climb up to the Funicular to watch the spectacular sunset and wander around the beautiful criss-cross trails through the mountains. You have plenty of sites to visit here in the city as well.

Oslo: the surprising city

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The most populated city and the capital of Norway – Oslo will simply mesmerize you with its vibrant and confident attitude and a cool laid-back atmosphere. If you like outdoor activities like biking and hiking, this is the perfect place for you here. Oslo is a magical city with two-third forest and one-third city. Here you will get plenty of greeneries along with forests, parks and the other green spaces. From the modern restaurants and bars, its amazing museums to the most renowned Nobel Peace Center at the former railway station, Oslo offers a rich cultural aspect as well. Here, you will have the opportunity to explore almost 50 museums including the Munch Museum featuring “The Scream” and some other creations by Edvard Munch. Explore the stunning outdoor museum that includes more than 150 ancient buildings in Norway which includes a Stave Church. The “Norwegian Museum of Cultural History is another must-visit here in Oslo.

Don’t miss out to visit “The Norwegian National Opera & Ballet” which looks really amazing during the sunset.


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Svalbard is an archipelago in between the Norwegian Sea, Greenland Sea, Barents Sea and the Arctic Ocean. Since 1920, these islands are taken under the Norwegian rule. This is perhaps the northernmost inhabited spot on our planet Earth. The gross permanent population hardly reaches up to 3000. If you wish to experience the most powerful and the rawest Arctic nature, Svalbard is the best place for you. Watch out those craggy mountains and the stunning untouched glaciers here.

Those who love wildlife, this place offer the most amazing range of varieties of wildlife here. Snow-white polar bears, reindeers, caribou, polar foxes, seals, whales and walruses are the common inhabitants here.

Other amazing places are waiting for you too. Don’t think twice. Book your tickets to Norway for the next travel destination. While traveling for long, you can keep your valuables in the public storage units such as the storage units Denver safely and take them out after returning your home to Denver.

Lofoten Islands:

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This is a popular archipelago located in the Northern region of Norway. Those stunning picturesque tiny fishing villages snuggled in fjords; this place is often described as the most wonderful tourist place in the country. A rugged coastline along with abruptly rising peaks straight from the ocean – enhances the beauty of this place. This archipelago is positioned beyond the comfortable zone of Arctic Circle, you will get 23 degree Celsius here and that is quite a common scenario here. 


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